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DJ Maniax, I just love it!

2011-01-30 17:02:36 by masteratdeath

I just played DJ Maniax, that game it REAL hard for a wireless mouse. Its even worse using the mouse thingy on a laptop. I got Monotune Respect done on crazy and got a crazy star, I beat Isabel On Standard with a S, Hoeloe Seven Circles or something I got done on Crazy with a B. The epileptic one I got done on Easy with a C. Very hard song...

The did the worst on Cirno's Perfect Math Class. I got it done on Easy with a C and had 43 misses, 64 fantastics and 21 perfects. The game is easy if you can time and click at the right time. You get a perfect if you get it on the black line of the circle, and fantastic is just the rest.

Well, that's all I wanted to tell. Peace ^_^.

Comment some of your scores if you got any :)


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